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Martial Arts in Manhattan, NYC; Learn Kung Fu with us!


We teach Northern Shaollin Eagle Claw or "Ying Jow Pai."


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Tel: (917)657-6104 / 115 W. 28th St., NY, NY 10001

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NEWS UPDATE 5.23.20:  We are teaching online, and the classes are surprisingly fun; you can sweat, laugh, and learn in a half hour and leave feeling great. We are finding it a great way to stay healthy in this challenging time. Learn more...  •  We're updating our website! Stay tuned    It's a G thing! If you saw us on PIX11 and would like to stop by for a class, we offer a trial class on Sundays for kids. 10:30am at North Sky Kung FuClick here to see video  Join us online Thursday or Saturday for an hour of Tai Chi  and Qigong.See our schedule.

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Eagle Claw Fighting Martial Arts Training
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We are making online classes available during the Covid-19 emergency!

Welcome, new students and old!  Join us in our online studio for LIVESTREAM classes. Use the meeting numbers below for classes on Zoom (you may need to download App.) Call or text if you are having trouble: (917)657-6104. For class descriptions and more go to: Online Schedule. (Click on link to see monthly calendars or put in specific date below.)

Get Fit. Get Centered. Have Fun.  Do something beyond the ordinary to get in shape, while you learn this magnificent martial art: Eagle Claw Kung Fu. It's a unique martial art, mysterious and lethal, good for your body and mind, for health and for self-defense. For beginners or experienced martial artists. Try our 3 classes for $29 Trial Offer.  We're dedicated to teaching practical martial arts to adults and children. 

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Personal, individual instruction

Insight into Chinese Kung Fu & Philosophy

Training in a rich, traditional art

Expertise in fighting and application

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