The Eagle rules the Sky with grace, power, and speed. 

Our reviews, from students and beyond....

“I love the energy of this place. Sifu Julie, Sith Dario, the whole vibe here. It has been incredible. Seriously life changing. I feel like it was something we really needed in our lives and I can already see the difference (in Wally). He seems able to channel his energy more productively than before. More confidence. Better able to deal with frustration and/or anxiety.”

- Rachel, parent

"You guys have been so fantastic. I have to say, this is such a new thing for me. Any progress I’ve made is thanks to you guys. It’s remarkable. You’ve been so open, helpful and wonderful."

​-SG, Student


"Sifu Dario is amazing, his professionalism is  incredible. I've seen other Karate teachers. They don't come close. Everything you could want in a trainer, he's got it. I'm very impressed by how Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie deal with the kids.

-MC, Parent. 

"Always the right balance supportive and challenging."

- CS, Parent

"North Sky Fu is the best Kung Fu school in the city. Martial arts training with spiritual understanding. Way to go."

- HH, Musician

"The school setting is very comfortable. Sifu Dario allows each individual to move at their pace while providing a comfortable push to motivate to improve in each class, but in our everyday lives as well. The classes are well structured and leaves no one student behind. The brothers and sisters of the school are very amicable and helpful with each other. Sifu Dario is an excellent teacher as well as Sifu Julie."
- CA, Actress

About our performance in Ying Jow Pai's 2014 New Year's Demo:

"You entertained, you taught, you offered variety, and all with skill and precision. And Sifu Dario was everything I hoped for in a teacher/practitioner, giving me the fast, snappy, sharp techniques, and the flowing, graceful, deep moves, I always envision as the parts of Kung Fu." 

- ES, spectator and Tai Kwon Do Practitioner

"A year ago I finally decided to start looking for a Martial Arts School. I did some searching on the Internet and found North Sky Kung Fu in Chelsea.  I decided to pay them a visit. After watching a class in session instructed by Sifu Dario and speaking with Sifu Julie, I knew I found my school. They offer everything I was looking for, a mix of Martial Arts, self defense, focus and concentration techniques and they offer private classes.Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie are the best instructors. They are warm, patient, very supportive and are a walking book of knowledge on this beautiful Art." 

-Liz A, Student

"North Sky teaches traditional Chinese Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu in the Leung Shum lineage. The first generation instructors have a wealth of knowledge of over 20 years in the system and are more than capable of carrying on Master Shum's legacy for future generations."
-Joe V., Practitioner


We offer, depending on a student's level,
as well as his or her particular interest:

Conditioning and fitness building
Classic Forms and weapons training
Self-defense and real-world applications
Free sparring and tournament fighting

Partner forms in "empty ha
​nd" or weapons

Breathing and meditation
We also teach Tai Chi and Chi Gung.


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Tel: (917)657-6104 / 115 W. 28th St., NY, NY 10001

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