Connect your mind and body, and get centered with this slow and powerful martial art. 

Sifu Dario Acosta Practice Wu Style Tai Chi

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We teach Wu Style Tai Chi, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Our Tai Chi program is designed to support our martial artists and give insight into an internal approach to power. We also focus on developing a limber and relaxed body and mind, for better concentration and focus.

Our class meets Thursdays and Saturday, with Saturday's class focused on Qigong.  Saturday's class emphasizes three aspects of Tai Chi:
Its physical health benefits, as it builds balance, stability, and "chi" (qi).
• Its meditative and centering aspect.
• Its martial arts application, effective in a self-defense context

Tai Chi is an internal martial art that relies on the use of energy and body mechanics to control an opponent, as opposed to sheer power and strength. For this reason, Tai Chi is gentle and slow-moving in its practice, though its applications can be lethal. Many people practice Tai Chi as a meditative exercise, thanks to the awareness it requires to coordinate and center body and mind. Tai Chi is low impact, and anyone can practice, no matter what age or condition you're in.


Our Tai Chi class includes:

Five animals, and other Chi Gung Warm-ups
International (Yang form) Tai Chi
Wu Style Tai Chi
Self-defense applications
Breathing and Chinese self-massage

Our Program: Tai Chi

Tel: (917)657-6104 / 115 W. 28th St., NY, NY 10001

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