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Class Taught by Jack McKeane:
Jack McKeane’s credits include the NY Renaissance Faire, New York New Works Festival, and most recently, “Antioch” at the 13th St. Repertory Co. McKeane has studied various martial arts, and has achieved the rank of Advanced Actor Combatant from SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors.)

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Jack McKeane with Dan O’Driscoll at Renaissance Faire 2013
Eagle Claw Fighting Martial Arts Training
Learn the basics of professional stage combat
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​​​Beginning Combat for Stage and Screen

Above: Jack McKeane with Dan O’Driscoll at Renaissance Faire.

Click here to register. This class is designed for anyone who wants to try this intriguing skill — professionals and non-professionals, for film or stage  Actors, add to your skills with this super-fun class. And martial artists, experience a whole new way to use your skills. No experience is necessary. Call or email for more information at (917)657-6104.

It's back in January 2017!

Learn the basics of professional
stage combat starting Jan. 11th.

This six week hands-on class will introduce you to the basic elements of a fight for stage including:

  • How to perform realistic fights, physical conflict, and battle without causing injury.
  • Techniques of deception behind fights of film and theater.
  • How to use choreography of a fight to enhance plot and character.
  • How to give martial technique a realistic, theatrical feel.

We'll work with a range of weapons, and choreograph an actual fight. Add to your professional and martial arts skills with Beginning Combat for Stage and ScreenNo experience is necessary.


SIX CLASSES Starting Jan. 11.
WEDNESDAY, 2:30 - 4:30pm

COST: $270 for course, $45 per class

LOCATION: North Sky Kung Fu,

137 W. 28th St., NY 10001

PHONE: (917)657-6104