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Kung Fu Training

Our classes are designed to present continual challenges at every level, while building energy, confidence, and power.


We teach one of the world's richest martial arts systems.

Each Class includes:

  • Core Conditioning
  • Learning and mastery of new techniques through drills
  • Application of techniques in pairs
  • Fighting or self-defense training and practice
  • Forms practice
  • Focus, concentration and breathing.

Our kung fu program is based on a combination of one-on-one and group training with plenty of personal attention. We begin our curriculum by teaching martial arts basics and their self-defense applications. Behind our curriculum is a focus on health, balance, and fitness, so your level of conditioning improves as your martial arts skills advance. We welcome both beginners and experienced martial artists, including those interested in  competition.

Our program includes the unique techniques of the
Eagle Claw Kung Fu system. We teach the entire system including classic forms, fighting/sparring, locks, weapons, partner forms, and more. We strive to meet our students' individual level, so if your goal is to get in better shape, feel safer on the street, explore the centering power of Chinese Kung Fu, or learn to defend yourself,we can help.

Whether you're interested in Chinese martial arts as a way of life or as a sport, you'll find North Sky Kung Fu in possession of a true treasure of martial arts. Our program and kung fu classes includes the unique and famous "108 locks of Faanzi Eagle Claw."

Sifu Dario Acosta has vast experience in tournament fighting in North and South America. We can train for light contact sparring for tournaments to full contact for competition. The techniques we teach can be used for everything from self-defense to high performance competition.

Our martial arts classes—centrally located in Manhattan; they're fun and challenging with mixed levels so people with a range of skills can practice together. 

Our Program 


Eagle Claw Fighting Martial Arts Training
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