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Eagle Claw Kung Fu; a Northern Classic of Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts.

Northern Shaolin Eagle Claw or Ying Jow Pai is one of China's richest traditional martial arts systems. It includes all aspects of martial arts including fighting, joint locking, weapons, and dramatic forms. You can see some of our forms at our Youtube channel.

Eagle Claw's origins lie in the battlefields of medieval China and the Shaolin Temple. Its defining characteristics are its distinctive "claws" used to catch and grab an opponent, and joint locking or "Chin Na" which relies on leverage and body mechanics, as well as the full range of basic martial arts fighting techniques — punches, kicks, sweeps, throwing, pressure points and more.

Eagle Claw emphasizes natural, flowing control. Based on the eagle's claws and wings, the system is characterized by long, graceful movements and quick footwork. With its brilliant understanding of the body, its varied forms, and a natural approach to fighting, Eagle Claw Kung Fu is one of the greatest accomplishments in martial arts.

Historically, Ying Jow Pai traces its roots to the Sung Dynasty in 12th century China, where General Ngok Fei used it to defeat Mongol invaders after learning its techniques from a monk in the original Shaolin Temple. Centuries later, Eagle Claw evolved, passed from generation to generation, and adding techniques along the way, including elements of Faan Tzi Kung Fu and our unique 108 joint locking techniques.

In the early 1900s, Eagle Claw flourished under Master Chan Tzi Ching, who helped found the famous Ching Mo Association. The style's lineage delivered the style to Grandmaster Leung Shum, currently is in retirement. Both Sifu Dario Acosta and Sifu Julie are students of Grandmaster Shum. Sifu Dario Acosta is one of only a few students of Grandmaster Shum who have achieved the rank of "Master" in the system.


We offer, depending on a student's level and interest:

Conditioning and fitness building
Classic Forms and weapons training
Self-defense and real-world applications
Free sparring and tournament fighting

Partner forms in "empty hand" or weapons
Breathing and meditation
We also teach Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

Our Style: Eagle Claw or "Ying Jow Pai"

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Eagle Claw Kung Fu Master - Grandmaster Shum
Sifu Dario Acosta & Sifu Julie with Eagle claw Kung Fu Master Grandmaster Shum

The Eagle rules the sky with grace, power, and speed. 

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Eagle Claw Kung Fu - Northern Classic of Chinese Martial Arts