Oct. 27, 2019
We had a great day at the US Martial Arts Open Tournament, held in Long Island this year. It's impressive how hard everyone worked in the weeks before the tournament, and we're happy to report they got great results. We had several gold medal winners amid tough competition, and almost all our students went home with a silver or bronze medal. We had a few fighters who competed in point sparring, and plenty of students in both "empty hand" and weapons categories. We can't wait to see what happens next year. More pictures soon!

Oct. 1, 2019 
So much happening at North Sky Kung Fu, as the back-to-school season turns into the full Fall swing. FIrst, many of our students are entering the World Fighting Open Martial Art's Federation's upcoming fall tournament. Here's the website: 
 https://www.wfmaf.org/en/championship/ . The tournament will be held in Nassau Country this year. Check out the website if you'd like spectator tickets. We'll keep you posted on how we do!

On another front, we're adding new classes including a lunchtime workout, a new kids class (4:30 Thursdays), and more. Come back soon for details and see our schedule

​August 1, 2019

The summer is moving along, and we're enjoying our new studio and continuing to build. We just finished our back studio which is now available for rental during our off hours. It's there for our Kung Fu and Tai Chi students during our busy times, as a place for stretching, practice, and fitness work. We look forward to using it for Tai Chi and private training. Take a look next time you visit us!

July 15, 2019
We had a great day at the International Traditional Kung Fu Association Tournament in California. Sifu Dario, Sifu Julie and some of our friends and students assembled for the competition. We competed in forms, weapons, and fighting, and brought home bronze, silver, and gold medals. Tournaments are where you really test yourself, and it was a long day, but we're so happy to have had the experience, as well as the opportunity to share it.

June 30, 2019
Many of our kids are off to camp or traveling, but classes are still on! If your child is home, this is a great time to introduce him or her to Kung Fu. This time of year, there's room for plenty of personal attention. 

June 21, 2019
We've moved! Our new space is beautiful.
It just makes you want to do Kung Fu. We're conveniently located right on 28th Street (Just like before), closer to Sixth Avenue. Please visit us at our new location. We've got a special martial arts floor, and plenty of room to move. Please make note of the address: 115 West 28th Street.

May 10th, 2019
Join us for an afternoon party at North Sky Kung Fu. We're going to celebrate spring, make some music, and raise money for a brand new incredible floor! (that part is optional). We'll have live music courtesy of our students, for anyone who wants to sing, and lots of surprises. 3:30 - 8pm on May 19th!  email us with any questions at

Celebrate Spring with us!

March 29, 2019

We had an amazing day last Sunday! In two separate tests over 15 students achieved a new level in their martial arts practice. We are proud to welcome four new blue sash young people, our highest ranking youth martial artists. We also were so pleased to see 11 of our younger practitioners take their tests, from white sash to orange. Our sash tests are not easy, and everyone came for extra sessions and had lots of support from parents. Our congratulations to everyone!

February 2018
You're invited! We're looking forward to participating in this year's Chinese New Year Celebration down in Chinatown at Eagle Claw Headquarters. Join us SATURDAY FEBRUARY 9th. It's a great show, and it's free! Come by. The show is at 71 Hester Street, at 1:30 PM this Saturday! We'll be there with some of our students. Happy Year of the Pig, see you there!

December 28, 2018
It's almost the end of the year, and we are ending this year on a positive note. Our group has grown and gotten more connected as people work together for events like tournaments and demos. We're planning more of this for 2019, and have some exciting programs we plan to introduce this coming year. If you are not on our mailing list, go back to the home page and join, or just send us an email. If you've been considering trying Kung Fu, now is the time. Why? Because now is the only time we're sure about.

December 16, 2018

We had our holiday party last weekend. It was so great seeing  people from different classes and programs mingling. We got a chance to take a group photos. Here's one above.

October 20, 2018
Wow, what a Sunday we had at the US Martial Arts Open last weekend! We had a great team of 14 martial artists who competed in forms and fighting. They trained so hard in the weeks before the event, and it showed; almost everyone won a medal in their division, often gold or gold and silver. Their performances were crisp, focused, and they kept going with great energy throughout their forms. And our two fighters were superb. One won first place in his category for continuous sparring, the other second. And Sifu Dario did an excellent performance in the Master's Demo. Sifu Julie and Sifu Dario could not be more proud of North Sky Kung Fu's students -- including the ones who did not join us. We thank everyone for their hard work.

September 21, 2018

It's Saturday, and this is a reminder that our Saturday classes are back on after a summer break.  It's Members Only Kung fu at 12 pm, where we invite students to come in and work on forms. After that, at 1pm, we have QiGong with Mindy and Sifu Julie. It's a really excellent class, that's a unique mixture of invigorating and relaxing. Stop by.

September 10, 2018

Students are returning after summer travels, camp and holidays, and we're glad to have them back. Our first project this season is the US Martial Arts Open in Queens, coming up on October 14th. Some of our students are going to compete in forms and others plan to enter continuous sparring. This week we're going to start focusing on training, and getting ready for the event. Also coming up: Our Fall Open House, which we're planning for September 30th. More on that coming up!

July  26, 2018
We're back from our weekend in Orlando at the ICMAC International Kung Fu tournament. We went down with several students, and they did very well in their categories, as did Sifu Dario who also entered the competition. Sifu Dario won a gold medal in the men's weapon's category with "Chin Lau Sai" or Clear Wind Sword, and a bronze medal in continuous sparring. Hans won a silver medal in sparring, and Cleo and Val (our younger students) both came home with gold medals (Cleo had two golds and a silver.) What we learned: Practice pays off.  Added bonus: It was great seeing Eagle Claw brothers from around the country.

June 26, 2018

We've been working hard on sparring and forms, getting ready for this weekend's tournament in Orlando. We've changed our schedule this weekend so take a look at our schedule page to see what classes have been cancelled. Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie and students will be competing in forms with two people competing in fighting. It's going to be great, we'll post lots of pictures.....

May 16, 2018

We're a little more than a month away from the ICMAC tournament in Orlando Florida. We have several students joining Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie at the tournament, and we're working hard to get ready with running, jumping rope, cardio, and of course lots and lots of forms practice. All our competitors will be entering with a " hand form", short weapons, and a partner form. We'll keep you posted on our progress.

Summer is coming: Some people have been asking us about our summer programs. So far, all classes will remain on the schedule, and we may even add more kung fu options. Make sure to join our mailing list so we can keep you informed.

April 19, 2018

Sifu Dario participated in a documentary this month focused on martial arts around the world. Representing Kung Fu, he demonstrated some Eagle Claw Techniques with the program's host, Dan Fogler. It was a short version of a potential final documentary series, and we hope it becomes a reality. Sifu Dario showed his skills in clawing, grabbing and controlling an opponent - also known as "Qinna," locking and controlling.

On another subject, we're still waiting for Spring to turn up, but it hasn't stopped our practice. We've been here through snow, rain, and sleet - and that's Kung Fu!

March 9, 2018

We had such a great turnout of students who wanted to participate in our demo downtown, at Eagle Claw headquarters. We're still gathering pictures, but here's one above that shows you our team in formation. The kids demonstrated various basics, Cleo performed a staff form, Val performed part of a Saber form, and Josh and Avi performed a row of "Tam Tui." The adults were terrific too — we'll be posting video soon. And of course Sifu Dario was a standout with his front flip and split. Go team!

February 4, 2018

We had several sash tests this month including a yellow to orange sash test and a white sash test for our novices. Congratulations to students who took their tests this month!

January 22nd, 2018

We have a lot of fun kung fu events coming up including a demo at Ying Jow Pai headquarters down in Chinatown. It's going to start at 1:30 pm on February 24th. Stay tuned for more details— the address is 71 Hester Street (P.S. 42).  We'll be demonstrating Eagle Claw forms and techniques.  Meanwhile, we're focused on an upcoming sash test. This time the yellow belts are testing for orange. Busy week coming, with lots of practice.

November 27th, 2017

We had a great few days off for Thanksgiving, and now are back for regular classes throughout the holiday season. We have many classes to choose from, each with a slightly different flavor. Kung Fu keeps us centered through hectic holidays. Stop by and carve out some time for yourself at North Sky Kung Fu. We will be holding a holiday get together on Sunday, December 17th. Save the date and email us if you want stay on top of schedule changes.!

Oct 21, 2017:  We were so pleased to be included on one of Mr. G.'s special "It's a G Thing" segments. If you saw it and would like you or your child to try a class, stop by! We have a Sunday Open House, where kids can try a class, every week at 10:30. Adults can try a class Tuesday or Thursday at 6:30. Call, text, or email to let us know you're coming. (917)657-6104 or info@northskykungfu.com. Space is limited. We welcome adults and kids of all ages for ongoing martial arts training.

Oct 1, 2017:
 We did it! After weeks of practice our team competed in a Queens tournament - the US Martial Arts Open 2017. We're proud to report everyone won at least one medal. We had kids doing both long and short weapons form and empty hand, along with some of our adult students. Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie also competed, winning respectively two gold and a gold and a silver medal. We saw many old friends and fellow martial artists at the event, which was dedicated to the Chinese art of Kung Fu. It was a long day, but incredibly satisfying to test our skills. We'll post more pictures soon.

September 16, 2017: Our September Open House was super fun. We had lots of kids of all ages join us for class, and everyone dived in! Kids from as young as 5 all the way to 12 showed up with some teens joining us for self-defense later in the day. We're grateful to the parents and students who helped us make it happen.

August 28, 2017: Many of the kids have been away for the summer, but slowly everyone is coming back. We're planning a big "Welcome Back" with a Kung Fu open house on September 10th. We're opening up our kids 10:30 am class to visitors, friends, guests, and any child curious about Kung Fu. Our classes are healthy in so many ways, we want to share this very special art with anyone potentially interested; at our Open House, parents and kids can see the power of Kung Fu for themselves. Kids will learn some self-defense techniques and martial arts basics, and play some Kung Fu games. Join us at 10:30 or at 11:30, Sunday morning. Call, email, or text us with your questions (917)657-6104.


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