Adult Kung Fu - Evening & Morning Classes

Our classes are designed to present continual challenges at every level, while building energy, confidence, and power.

how to get ready for class
Individual Martial Art Classes
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Class Information - Preparing for Class

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Here's how to get ready for class:

  • Come to class at least 10 minutes before class begins.
  • Wear light sneakers (no street shoes.)
  • Wear a tee shirt and loose work out pants.
  • Put your belongings in the dressing room.
  • Bow when entering and leaving the studio.
  • Keep cell phones in the dressing room or turn off ringer.

Here's basic information about individual classes

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Adult Kung Fu - Evening & Morning Classes

These classes are all-levels and focus on Eagle Claw Kung Fu. They include all aspects of martial arts including classic forms, fighting, locking, and weapons training, as well as fitness, philosophy and more. We follow a curriculum that introduces students to our Kung Fu system step-by-step.

Kids Martial Arts
Our program for kids is a fun and fulfilling way for children to learn martial arts. We work on kung fu techniques as well as self-defense, anti-bullying, and concentration through unique exercises and games. It's a super fun class where kids can track their achievements through various accomplishments including sash tests and tournaments.

Sunday Sparring and Fighting

This class is a solid one hour class that Kung fu including the real world application of our techniques. Students get to practice in a more spontaneous format. It's followed by an open session with Sifu Dario for those who want to work on their forms or special applications.

Kung Fu fighting workout with music -Wednesday

This class is a moderate work out to help people learn the basics of Kung Fu technique while they get fit and stay fit. It includes stretching and conditioning followed by a fast and loose workout, with lots of movement. Our workout uses basic kung fu and practical self-defense techniques with music. Super fun.

Morning Kung Fu

This workout is designed to provide a complete kung fu class that build skills and good health. It's good for self-defense and centering, as much as it is for fitness and discipline. We'll end with some breathing and meditation. One a week is enough to get you started learning real martial arts — where you take it is up to you.

Tai Chi

We teach Wu style Tai chi including our unique form and it's martial arts application. This class starts with various Chi Gung exercises including the Five Animals Chi Gung.