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Tel: (917)657-6104 / 137 W. 28th St., New York, NY 10001

September 16, 2017: Our September Open House was super fun. We had lots of kids of all ages join us for class, and everyone dived in! Kids from as young as 5 all the way to 12 showed up with some teens joining us for self-defense later in the day. We're grateful to the parents and students who helped us make it happen.

August 28, 2017: Many of the kids have been away for the summer, but slowly everyone is coming back. We're planning a big "Welcome Back" with a Kung Fu open house on September 10th. We're opening up our kids 10:30 am class to visitors, friends, guests, and any child curious about Kung Fu. Our classes are healthy in so many ways, we want to share this very special art with anyone potentially interested; at our Open House, parents and kids can see the power of Kung Fu for themselves. Kids will learn some self-defense techniques and martial arts basics, and play some Kung Fu games. Join us at 10:30 or at 11:30, Sunday morning. Call, email, or text us with your questions (917)657-6104.

July 3, 2017: Our kids - and some of our adults - have left town for the summer! We said goodbye last week, when school ended, and Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie are left with some space in our schedule. If you have an idea for an activity - a workshop, seminar, or private lesson -  our studio is available. Meanwhile, adult and children's classes continue. Swing by and try a class. North Sky Kung Fu is infused with a warmer, more fun summer spirit.

May 31, 2017: It was a season of sash tests as our students progressed to their next level. Above are just some of the photos of

Kids and adults posing with their certificates, post test. Some of our tests were quite challenging but Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie put in extra time to help them succeed. Big thanks to everyone's parents (of the kids that is) for making this possible.

May 20th, 2017:  We had a party to celebrate the coming end of the school season, and raise money for a mirror for the school. It was a great day, with juggling lessons, great food, games, and a demo. And for those who stayed around till the end — live music. We raised almost half the money we need to install a mirror in front of the studio, thanks to the generosity of our North Sky Kung Fu friends and Family.

Feb. 8, 2017: We had a great Chinese New Year performing at Ying Jow Pai headquraters down in Chinatown last weekend! Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie did forms, joined by two of our students. Here are a few pics above, of us with students, and one with Grandmaster Leung Shum. North Sky Kung Fu was well represented--we'll post video soon.

Dec. 15, 2016: We're in the news! Read this wonderful article about North Sky Kung Fu in Chelsea Now:

Dec 14th, 2016:So much is happening this time of year. First, we just posted our holiday gift options, here at our website. We make it easy to give someone the experience of Kung Fu, Qigong and Tai Chi. Second, we want to mention that we had a wonderful and successful sash test last Sunday. Eight students took their test — six for white sash, and one each for yellow and orange respectively. All eight met every challenge and performed their techniques beautifully. We congratulate them.

We wanted to announce we are starting a new session of stage combat on January 11th, 2017. This is a terrific and unique class, and it will be taught every Wednesday from 2:30 to 4:30. Read more about it here.

November 17th: We've been busy lately with our kids program, and plan to add a Thursday class soon. We're planning a belt test for the hardworking white, yellow and orange belt students — stay tuned for times and dates. And that includes, of course, our holiday party!

October 27th: Here are some pictures from Facebook, below, of our day at the US Martial Arts Open in Queens. It was a wonderful experience and everyone from our youth martial artists, to Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie, went home with a medals. Visit our Facebook page for more!

our new training equipment

10/7/16   We have several adults and kids getting ready to compete in an event called the "US Martial Arts Open", coming up next weekend in Queens New York. North Sky Kung Fu will have students competing in the kids forms divisions, as well as adults competing, including one student who plans to compete in Continuous Sparring. This week it's all about practice. We're really looking forward to their performance.

Meanwhile we're very excited about our newest class "Tai Chi Exercise - a Centering Hour of Qigong and Tai Chi" Saturdays at 2pm. Our instructor goes deep into the internal power of Qigong. As one student put it, after an hour, you have "happy bones." Actually, the effect on the back and on joints in general is really noticeable. It's the equivalent of a two hour yoga class!

8/26/16 We're excited about our new Fall special. We're giving a free uniform with every new registration throughout September. This is a great time of year to start martial arts. Learn more about this great special.

8/1/16   It's been hot in New York. We've been enjoying summer workouts while planning our Fall Program. We're fitting in Private Classes for those who want to work at their own pace on particular skills and techniques. It's meant more summer morning workouts, but it's a great way to start the day.

7/27/16   We've started preparing interested students for a tournament coming up in October in New York City. Kids and adults are improving their forms so North Sky Kung Fu can make a good showing. Sifu Dario is putting his extensive tournament experience to work with North Sky Kung Fu's team.

7/19/16  North Sky Kung Fu is holding steady this summer, with morning and evening classes. We just held a sash test for Chantal and Alberto who have been working hard on their forms and techniques (above). We congratulate them on their great performance • Now is a great time to get started on your Kung Fu practice, especially for kids. Classes are quiet with many students away at summer camp, so you get plenty of individual attention. Call us to try an intro class.  

6/22/16  We had an excellent white sash test performance from Sam A. last Sunday, who passed with a top scores, demonstrating superior fighting skills. Another round of tests is coming up next Tuesday. Meanwhile, we hung our new heavy bag. Fighters get a whole new way to practice with 90lbs pushing back! We look forward to training with it on our Sundays fighting and sparring class.

5/22/16: We had a great sash test: Here are our three newest yellow sashes. We congratulate them on their concentration and seriousness. Best part: each showed us one "surprise technique." Joey (left) did an amazing leg lock/takedown. Lou-anne and Ian did cartwheels followed by kicks and punches. Pretty impressive! • PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed MEMORIAL DAY weekend. No classes May 29th and May 30th, 2016.

5/16/16:  We've got a yellow sash test coming up for our children's program on Sunday, May 22nd. We have some white belts who learn fast and we're looking forward to testing their skill this coming Sunday.

May 2016:  We've broken our kids program into two classes so we can give more attention to the different levels. Now we offer an intermediate class at 9:30 and an all levels class at 10:30. Our kids get lots of personal attention, especially with two classes to choose from on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, it's finally Spring at last in the Plant district (where our school is located. It gives our space really good Chi to be surrounded by plants and flowers. Stop by if you'd like to see our unique studio.

March 2016: With the warm weather coming, we're here to help you face your fitness challenges. We're dedicated to working individually with students, and making Kung Fu available to everyone! Talk to us about your interest.

Mar 1, 2016: It was a Happy Kung Fu celebration!

We are pleased to report our Chinese New Year celebration was a big success.

We had kids and adults performing from Eagle Claw, Tai Chi, and more.

We also had wonderful special guests from different martial arts styles, showing us their art, and, of course, a demo that started with a traditional Lion Dance. We thank everyone who helped make this a success. Here are some pictures of the day, upper right. 

We're celebrating the Year of the Monkey!​​

FEB. 28th: We're having a party and small demo for our friends and family. Please Join us! 2-4 pm, at North SKky Kung Fu, 137 West 28th Street! We'll have a demo from the children in our kids' program, as well as adults and special guests performing. If you'd like to see what we do at North Sky Kung Fu, this is a great opportunity.

January 4, 2016; ready for a new year
Though it's been quiet, we've continued to hold classes through the holiday season. The good weather in NYC has made it's easier to get around, and we've used the down time to work on our program and improve our schedule. We are adding an ongoing "Stage Combat" class, and scheduled an additional morning workout on Friday. We hope to see you in 2016!

Dec. 26, End of the year workouts at NSKF
Classes at North Sky Kung Fu continue through the holiday season with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Call us any time if you want to let us know you're coming. (917)657-6104.  We took some time out this week to create a new holiday video that shows you what we've been up to recently.Click here to see it. We wish everyone a very happy end of 2015, and, if we don't see you, a happy New Years and bright 2016!

Dec. 15, Holiday Party coming up this Tuesday
Our annual holiday party is coming up after class this coming Tuesday. Please join us, everyone is welcome to drop by. Bring a snack or drink, whatever you'd enjoy. These are always festive occasions and we love having the chance to catch up Everyone is welcome.

Nov. 16, Kung Fu Road Trip to Augusta, Georgia!

Sifu Dario and Sifu Julie went to Augusta, Georgia to work with a group of Eagle Claw students there, and give them their sash tests. The trip was really wonderful, with plenty of time to work on Kung Fu techniques and forms. Thanks to our host, Instructor Ed Cruz; this was one hardworking group! We also got a chance to work on weapons forms Tuesday, before the sash test.