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​​Join us Sunday, Nov. 13th 

Time: 4pm (approx 2 1/2 to 3 hours)

Location: North Sky Kung Fu, 137 W. 28th Street.

Cost: $50 per person

HI all! I'm pleased to invite you to this private seminar. As I mentioned to those I emailed, Terry is fitting this last minute seminar on his trip to New York, and we're excited to have this opportunity. Sifu Dunn is the sole preserver of Flying Phoenix Qigong in the world, since his teacher, GM Doo Wai, has retired. This is a rare opportunity to become introduced to a very unusual and profound Qigong system that quickly reveals itself to be a spiritual art. You can read more about these systems, and about Sifu Dunn and his various DVD series at:


Sifu Julie


Master Terence Dunn, with 42 years of experience in Chinese martial, yogic, and healing arts, will give an introductory overview course on two powerful ancient monastic traditions of Qigong: Tao Tan Pai (Taoist Elixir Method) Nei Kung, created in Tang Dynasty (8th Century) and attributed to Lu Deng Bin, leader of the 8 Taoist Immortals (saints), and the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Meditations (Fei Feng San Gung) of Ehrmeishan (Mt. Omie in Xichuan province), created by Taoist sage Feng Dao Teh in 1644. Tao Tan Pai Nei Kung is the engine that empowers Tao Tan Pai Kung Fu that has animal acting forms based on Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Crane, and Monkey that also contain Taoist Yoga. Tao Tan Pai was brought to America in the mid 1960's by Taoist priest Share K. Lew, its 23rd generation lineage holder, who passed away 3 yrs ago at age of 92. GM Lew was also the nephew of renowned Choy Lay Fut grandmaster Lew Ben (Lao Bun) and sergeant-of-arms of the largest Tong in the country.

Master Terry Dunn learned Flying Phoenix Qigong from Grandmaster Doo Wai, the sixth generation grandmaster of Ehrmei Mountain Bok Fu Pai and Ehrmei Mountain Bak Mei, and a friend and peer of Master Share Lew. Flying Phoenix is a purely medical qigong that imparts tangible energizing and rejuvenating effects in a sublime yet startlingly rapid manner.

The workshop will consist of 30% Tao Tan Pai as an interesting warm-up and then 70% Flying Phoenix Qigong. The two energy arts are extremely different in terms of body mechanics, breathing method, patterns of movement and use of shen, but are equally powerful.
Terry Dunn is also a 36 year practitioner of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in the manner of Cheng Man Ching, having studied with 3 of Cheng's senior students: Masters Abraham Liu, Benjamin Lo, and for the past 5 years, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen.

Call us at (917)657-6104 with questions, or to register!

Sifu Dario Acosta Practice Wu Style Tai Chi
Sifu Dario Acosta Practice Wu Style Tai Chi
Sifu Dario Acosta Practice Wu Style Tai Chi

​North Sky Kung Fu is pleased to invite you to a special seminar:
Tao Tan Pai (Taoist Elixir Method) & Flying Phoenix Qigong - an Intro to Two Unique Systems

with Master Terence Dunn

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